Kaudulla National Park

Located 197 kilometres (122 miles) away from Colombo Kaudulla National Park was designated a national park on April 1, 2002 becoming the 15th such area on the island.

Historically Kaudulla National Park was one of the 16 irrigation tanks built by King Mahasena some 20 centuries back. Following a period of abandonment the site was reconstructed in 1959.
It now attracts and supports a variety of plant and animal life. Two thirds of the park is under water during several months of the year.

Kaudulla National Park allows you to get close to the animals through jeep safaris.
You can spot herds of elephants up to 250, mainly in the month of October.
BirdLife International has identified Kaudulla National Park as an important bird area in Sri Lanka.
Besides beautiful and colourful birds you have a chance to spot leopards, sloth bears, deer and of course elephants and monkeys.

The best time to visit Kaudulla National Park starts in August and ends in December.

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