Kandy city

Although Kandy is second largest city of Sri Lanka the ambiance reminds one of that of a fairly large village.

Characteristic buildings in Kandy dated from the colonial times are situated in the slightly steep streets and despite the heavy traffic and countless amount of pedestrians Kandy has a certain countryside charm to it. Most of the attention is drawn to the Kandy lake. The Kandy lake is surrounded by a white balustrade and while walking alongside the lake automatically your attention is drawn to the Temple of the Tooth.

Kandy is the capital of the tradinional culture in Sri Lanka. The OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAcity had about 150,000 residents back in 2010 and lies amidst wooded slopes at 525 meters. (Kanda is the Singalese word for hill)
With temperatures of around 25 degrees Celsius its climate is pleasant. There is no other city in Sri Lanka that has more monks among its inhabitants than Kandy.

In july and august many people travel to Kandy because of the important Perahera festival to honour the relic of Buddhas tooth. This festival takes ten days and every day the procession gets more and more spectacular. On the final evenings more than a hundred beautifully decorated elephants accompany many dancers, drummers and other artists. The foremost elephant called the Maliga Tusker is the main elephant and he carries a replica of the relic in a basket on its back. The population of Sri Lanka believes that the country will be spared of famine, revolution and disaster when the rituals of the Perahera festival will be performed perfectly.

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